Donating $370 to ACCFB

On 10/13 my family and I volunteered at ACCFB. Collectively, we bagged 7851 lb of pears, that’s 6516 meals.  In addition, other volunteers bought 5 bracelets and we raised  another $60. The $60 was matched by my parents and turned it into $120.  In total we donated $370, that’s equivalent to $2,220 or 1,017 pounds of food and 832 meals to low income families!


Nature Conservancy and Friendship

My family and I went to Costa Rica in July and volunteered with Biocenosis Marina on their turtle conservation program.  We participated in their night patrols where we measured turtle shell length, width and flipper length, nest depth, quantity of eggs, laying time, and beach location.  We tagged them and watched the turtles return to the ocean.  We also did litter removal on the beach and census count.  We learned that only about 1 in 1,000 eggs will survive to adulthood.  This was the highlight of our 25 day trip.  While there, we met a family from London that was also volunteering. Jasmine and Freya were the same ages as me and Kylie. As a sign of friendship I gave a bracelet to Jasmine and Kylie gave one to Freya.