Date Allies 35 Activities 620 Hours (Collectively) Donation
4/3/2019 Alyssa, Penny, Sharleen, Dan Sorting Medical Supplies with MedShare 15 x
 2/20/2019 Alyssa, Sharleen, Jada, Joshua, Sarah Packing Food at ACCFB 15  X
12/17/2018 to 2/9/2019 Alyssa and others  Volunteering with Girls Inc. 7 X
12/8/2018 Alyssa, Kylie, Sharleen  Serving tea and cookies for Alameda Holiday Home Tour 9  X
12/1/2018 Jada, her family, Alyssa  Packing Food for Kids Against Hunger 2.5 each  X
11/29/2018 Alyssa, Kylie and Sharleen Holiday Sale at Girls Inc. 6  X
 11/14/2018 Kylie and Sharleen Serving Meals at SAHA 6  X
10/27/2018 Kylie, Alyssa, Lily Alameda Neighborhood Walks for Tobacco Control Coalition 12  X
 10/18/2018 Evangeline, Alana, Vivien, Kylianne, Cairo, Leela, Shailen, Kesl, Abigail, Jayden, Caden, Zach, Pepper, Penny, Alyssa, Kylie, Macy, Randy, Carrie, Tom, Carl, Julee, Chris, Chandra, Tiffany, Dan, Carissa, Sharleen,  ACCFB 60 X
9/12/2018 Alyssa, Sharleen  Global Climate Action Summit; Diesel Free by ’33 X  X
9/15/2018 Alyssa, Sharleen, Jada, Joshua, Sammy, Tiffany, Cross International Coastal Cleanup 14  X
3/14/18 and 3/24/18 Alyssa, Kylie. Sharleen, Dan, Jada, Kieu  Gun Control Advocacy 5 X
 3/1/2018  Brenna, Lily, Vida, Sharleen, Dan, Kylie, Alyssa, Jada, Joshua, Kieu, Leon, Lynna, David, Emmett, Clara, Adam, Ellie, Charlie, Mailisha, Julee, Penny, Pepper, Chris, Yvette, Paul, Chandler, Joey, Lucia, Brent, and Truly  Family Night at ACCFB 60 X
 2/24/2018  Alyssa, Sharleen, Kylie, Dan, Joyce, Elton, Jada, Petra,  Vivian, Chrissy, Emily, Jackie, Hannah, Yian, Owen, Gavin, Genaro, Jenny YES Conference 20 X
1/27/2018 and 2/10/2018 Alyssa, Sharleen, Evelynne, Amanda  Filling out Chinese New Year Forms & Typing paperwork for Salvation Army 20 X
 12/17/2017 and 12/20/2017  Sharleen, Alyssa, Penny  Distributing Christmas presents at Salvation Army  16  X
 11/21/2017  Sharleen, Kylie, Alyssa  Serving meals at Senior Center  9  X
9/16/2017  Alyssa, Jada, Joshua, Kylie, Kieu, Dan, Sharleen International Coastal Clean-up 14  X
8/16/2017 Alyssa, Jada, Evelyn, Sharleen food sorting at ACCFB 12 X
5/6/2017 Macie, Anwen, Jada, France, Alyssa, Una, Xiaowei, Rosa, Evelyn, Sharleen, Sammy, Kieu, Rose food sorting at ACCFB 39 X
 3/18/2017  Alyssa, Jada, Sharleen  Bake Sale that supports Heifer International  15   $200
 Sept. 2016- March 2017 Raina, Petra, Jessica, Jason, Isabel, Emmett, Corbin, Alyssa Movies, Field Trips, Presentations K-6th grades, Presenting at Youth Environment Sustainability 80 X
 12/22/2016  Alyssa, Kylie, Dan, Sharleen, Charlie and Ellie  Distributing Christmas presents at Salvation Army 24  X
12/20/2016  Alyssa, Jada, Sharleen  Serving meals at Senior Center  9 X
12/18/2016 Alyssa, Kylie, Sharleen, Dan Bagging Christmas presents at Salvation Army


 11/19/2016 Emily, Jada, Macie, Raina, Jessica, Sammy, Jason, Petra, Devra, Iris, Chrissy, Alyssa,  Sharleen  food sorting at ACCFB  36 X
11/18/2016 Alyssa, Sharleen Serving meals at Salvation Army 6 X
 Alyssa,  Sharleen
Serving Meals at Satellite Central Senior Housing   6 X
 Alyssa, Kylie, Dan, Sharleen
Family Night at ACCFB  8 $370
7/24/2016 – 7/27/2016 Kylie, Alyssa, Sharleen, Dan Nature Conservancy: Biocenosis Marin Turtle Refuge 57 X
6/5/2016 Alyssa, Kylie, Sharleen Fundraiser for Alameda  County Community Food Bank 8 X