Date Allies Activities Hours Donation
 Total Since 6/5/2016 26  16 375  $570
 2/10/2018 Alyssa, Sharleen, Evelynne, Amanda  Typing paperwork for Salvation Army 12 X
1/27/2018 Sharleen and Alyssa  Filling out Chinese New Year Forms for Salvation Army 8 X
 12/17/2017 and 12/20/2017  Sharleen, Kylie, Penny, Alyssa  Distributing Christmas presents at Salvation Army  16  X
 11/21/2017  Sharleen, Kylie, Alyssa  Serving meals at Senior Center  9  X
9/16/2017  Alyssa, Jada, Joshua, Kylie, Kieu, Dan, Sharleen International Beach Clean-up 14  X
8/16/2017 Alyssa, Jada, Evelyn, Sharleen food sorting at ACCFB 12 X
5/6/2017 Macie, Anwen, Jada, France, Alyssa, Una, Xiaowei, Rosa, Evelyn, Sharleen, Sammy, Kieu, Rose food sorting at ACCFB 39 X
 3/18/2017  Alyssa, Jada, Sharleen  Bake Sale that supports Heifer International  15   $200
 Sept. 2016- March 2017 Raina, Petra, Jessica, Jason, Isabel, Emmett, Corbin, Alyssa Movies, Field Trips, Presentations K-6th grades, Presenting at Youth Environment Sustainability 80 X
 12/22/2016  Alyssa, Kylie, Dan, Sharleen, Charlie and Ellie  Distributing Christmas presents at Salvation Army 24  X
12/20/2016  Alyssa, Jada, Sharleen  Serving meals at Senior Center  9 X
12/18/2016 Alyssa, Kylie, Sharleen, Dan Bagging Christmas presents at Salvation Army


 11/19/2016 Emily, Jada, Macie, Raina, Jessica, Sammy, Jason, Petra, Devra, Iris, Chrissy, Alyssa,  Sharleen  food sorting at ACCFB  36 X
11/18/2016 Alyssa, Sharleen Serving meals at Salvation Army 6 X
 Alyssa,  Sharleen
Serving Meals at Satellite Central Senior Housing   6 X
 Alyssa, Kylie, Dan, Sharleen
Family Night at ACCFB  8 $370
7/24/2016 – 7/27/2016 Kylie, Alyssa, Sharleen, Dan Nature Conservancy: Biocenosis Marin Turtle Refuge 57 X
6/5/2016 Alyssa, Kylie, Sharleen Fundraiser for Alameda  County Community Food Bank 8 X