Packing Meals for Kids Against Hunger

     On December 1st, 2018, I joined my friend Jada and her family to volunteer at Kids Against Hunger.  We packed meals for kids suffering from malnutrition because they can’t afford healthy meals.  We put dried crushed soy protein, dried vegetables, vitamin powder, and rice in a bag that was then vacuum sealed.  Each bag was equivalent to six meals. The selection of food was especially important because malnourished people can’t digest certain foods.  As a result, the food had to be soft and contained all the necessary nutrients.  The package meals were highly digestible, had a long shelf life, and are cheap to make. All these factors make this organization really good for ending hunger in foreign countries.  Some countries they serve are the United States, Egypt, Brazil, Russia, Sudan, Romania, Indonesia, Kenya, Argentina, Mexico, and so many more. In just two and a half hours, our three groups together packed 9,720 meals, far exceeding the predicted 6,000 meals.  I am happy to do my part in fighting hunger.



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