Bake Sale Fundraiser for Heifer International

On 3/18/2017 my mom, my friend Jada and I helped at a bake sale fundraiser that supports Heifer International. Heifer raises money to buy livestock and gives the animals to families in need around the world. The cool thing about Heifer is that once the first family’s animal gives birth, they give the baby to their neighbor. That way every family will get an animal to help feed them.

Nana have supported the Heifer Project for over 18 years.  Nana chose to support Heifer because she knows that it is a very good way to spread kindness.  She also knows that the people that have been given animals will pass the baby down to their neighbor and that they  are very honorable.

This was her 8th annual bake sale benefiting Heifer and has raised over $15,000 in total. She spent over 100 hours each year making cookies, cakes, brownies, pies, homemade jam, and many more delicious sweets.  The community of Point Reyes and Inverness came together and donated other goodies like plates of cookies, lemon squares, and even dog treats.  Nana, Stephanie, Emily, and Paul sold the goodies in front of Toby’s Feed Barn from 9am to 5pm.  This year she raised $2,700, but since Heifer matches it, it’s like $5,400!  

Jada and I raised $164 selling our hand crafted bracelets.  Jada is great in sales from her experience as a Girl Scout.  We sent in a check for $200 but when its goes to Heifer the amount doubles to $400!



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