Climate Change Champions

It all started with students noticing that there were a lot of students throwing their trash in the incorrect bin. So a few of us got together and decided to do something about it.

Those students included Raina, Petra, Jessica, Jason, Isabel, Emmett, Corbin and Alyssa. We started with an experiment. After lunch we took  the trash bags out to sort the trash.  We wanted to find out what percentage of the waste was correctly sorted into Recyling, Compost and Landfill. 

Most of the trash were not in the right bin. We conducted a few more experiments and found that most people just threw their garbage in whatever bin was closest to them. So we got together and said “We need to educate students about climate change so the world can be better, brighter and happier place.”

The Climate Change Group all made presentations to the school about climate change and the threat it poses to our world. We taught other students to save water, reduce the carbon footprint, recycle, and compost.  Kylie came home after we made the presentations to First Grade and said that six students help pick up trash that day during recess. This made The Climate Change Group very happy to know that their presentations helped make a difference. 

The next project was a movie night showing The Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore. Over sixty people attended. The Climate Change Group  hoped that the movie would bring out different thoughts about climate change and encourage people to take action in helping stop climate change. 

Since we were still very concerned about the trash situation, Alyssa’s father arranged a field trip to the San Leandro Waste Management Plant to learn more about trash and where it goes after your own garbage bins. The Group was very surprised about how much trash was at the plant and how much trash was being taken to the landfill everyday.  Five million pounds of trash was being brought to the landfill everyday, and some could still be recycled or composted. 

 We wanted to get the word out so we decided to present at the Spare The Air conference in San Francisco on 2/25/17. Our presentation was on what we did at our school to help stop climate change. Other  presentations were about a cool system called Aquaponics that uses animal excrement to fertilize plants, a presenter’s experience  volunteering at a marine wildlife center, and a group of students’ trip to Shang Hai to learn about the air quality. 


After that, we had another movie night at our school and showed the movie: How to Let Go of the World and Love all the Things Climate Can’t Change.

The Climate Change Group learned a lot out on the films, presenting, trip to the landfill and experiments. 

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